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Robert O'Day
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Other Services & Products

Photographs of Persons or Places - $95.00
We will obtain photographs of any person or place, anywhere in California. We ask for three weeks to complete these assignments.

Research - $45.00 per hour
We can research any topic or subject. Our experts will work to discover all that is available on any issue regardless of how diverse or complex. Please call to discuss these types of assignments in advance.

Private Investigations "Guide Book" - $35.00
We have assmbled a book complete with information on how to work cases and how to get your own license. In addition, we also show how someone can enter the field without a license and also provide a wealth of information on how to find information for yourself.

Confidential Death Certificate and Autopsy Report Evaluations -
$85 for certificates and $375 for autopsy reports
We offer anyone, an attorney, law enforcement or a private citizen, the opportunity to have either a death certificate or autopsy report reviewed confidentially by a retired anatomy professor and deputy coroner. Click here for more information.

Seminars - Rates Vary
We are available to conduct speeches or one day seminars. These are designed to be given to a group of people, either with an interest in this field, or to those simply curious. Our seminars and speeches are geared toward being both informative and entertaining.

Our one day seminars provide information about the business and how it is performed. They are three hours in duration and are ideal for those interested in the following:

  • Becoming a Private Investigator
  • Doing their own investigation
  • Starting work right away in the investigation field
  • Finding out more about the business

* If you are an attorney, private client or business seeking to hire a Private Investigator, click here for an immediate and confidential e-mail communication. If you have decided to order an assignment, click here to go right to our case assignment page.

* If you are someone interested in trying to work your own investiagtion, tell Mr. O'Day about your situation. He can spend 30 minutes on the telephone with you strategizing, offering you ideas on how to proceed and possible resolutions. He can also provide you with forms for ordering records and other valuable documents.

* If you are interested in working in the investigation field or if you wish to obtain a private investigation license, click here to obtain important and valuable information.